Friday, December 01, 2006

November Figures for Iain Dale's Diary

November traffic was down 10% on October at 137,302 and page downloads were 229,382. That's two months on a downward trend. Working full time has inevitably meant that the frequency of my posts has declined a little. When I'm at Doughty Street my mind seems to be focussed on that and I very rarely blog from there. Oh well, better try and reverse the trend in December!

Here are my top 35 link sites (ie incoming hits) for November. All these sites referred at least 100 people here. The arrows denote whether a site has moved up or down or stayed static since October.

1. Guido Fawkes 15.89% ↔ 2. ConservativeHome 12.82% ↔ 3. PoliticalBetting 7.45% ↔ 4. Daniel Finkelstein ↑ 5. Biased BBC 1.58% ↔ 6. Paul Linford ↑ 7. Prague Tory ↑ 8. An Englishman's Castle ↑ 9. W4MP ↑ 10. Blairwatch ↑ 11. Witanagemot ↑ 12. Croydonian
13. Web Cameron ↓ 14. Tim Worstall NEW 15. Adam Smith Institute ↑ 16. EU Referendum
17. Ginger & Dynamite NEW 18. Archbishop Cranmer ↓ 19. Cally’s Kitchen ↑ 20. Daily Pundit
21. Mars Hill ↑ 22. Mikey's Tent of Reality ↔ 23. Looking for a Voice ↓ 24. Devil's Kitchen
25. ↑ 26. Dizzy Thinks ↑ 27. Clive Davis ↑ 28. Ellee Seymour ↑ 29. Kerron Cross NEW 30. Drinking from Home NEW 31. The Spine NEW 32. Rightlinks NEW 33.Hoby Cartoons ↓ 34. Liberal England ↓ 35. A Conservative's Blog NEW

Dropping out of my top linkers (ie people who referred more than 100 visitors) are Little Green Footballs, National Review Corner , Recess Monkey, Injured Cyclist, Bob Piper, Mr Eugenides, Campaign for an English Parliament, Public Interest, Antonia Bance , Bryan Appleyard


Anonymous said...

Ian, Don't beat yourself up on the frequency of blogging - you manage a lot given your busy schedule. These things go in waves. Politics seems to have been a bit tame in the last few weeks.

Andrew said...

Hi Iain, you'll get natural fluctuations in readership throughout the seasons, for instance, other things being equal, Christmas & New Year will depress the figures for December & January, and so on. Obviously the frequency and quality of your posts and the varying level of political frenzy in the world at large will influence things, but seasonal trends will still remain.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure that it is your work causing this.
I've certainly thought you tamer since you hit the A list.
I used to look at you first but now I only call by now and again. perhaps others are doing the same, and maybe for the same reasons.

Anonymous said...

Iain, just wait till the next Prescott story .....

Paul Burgin said...

The last month has been a bit more quiet on my blog as well. 18 Doughty Street may be a factor but I think it is also that time of year, in any case I wouldn't mind getting your amount of hits!

kinglear said...

It's entirely because you have been busy - there's not enough time to make people come back and back again. And, if I may say so, it's gone a bit bland

Archbishop Cranmer said...



Anonymous said...

Glad to be going up again - (any mentions of charts brings on memories of Fluff (pbuh)) especially as we all use rss readers now and don't actually travel from one site to another.
All I need is an invite to join messagespace and I will feel I have finally arrived as a blogger.
Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I think the reason could be that when we add our comments it takes ages for them to appear. Then a whole lot appear at once. A debate cannot develop and there is no incentive to come back.

Anonymous said...

What are the chances of 4 blogs having the the same percentage as last time, to 2 decimal places?

Are you sure these stats are accurate? Or have they just changed the date and a few of the figures?

Anonymous said...

Iain, like a good football manager [cue West Ham gag..] you should be taking a message from 2 months drop before you get to the relegation zone.

My two penn'orth is that your work schedule may be contributing if it is holding back the 'moderating' of the posts.

Clearly if a site isn't interactive one of your 'unique selling points' is going to be lost. After all, unlike the Beeb, you can't farm out the 'modding' to someone else. And switching it off altogether will result in the fractious nonsense we see on Guido, who is already sowing the seeds of his own destruction.

Food for thought, as they say, and as Paxo might say, remember your core objective is news, not utube.

Anonymous said...

I've worked in marketing and also on the 'Management Information' side of sales figures, and I tell you there is no measure of success for rewarding has been invented which is not susceptible to a bit of 'gaming'.

Ever had someone sell you a 'store card' and say, '...and if you change your mind, just cut up the card' ?

Ask Mike Smithson to scratch your back - he always has zillions of posters. Get people to 'go out and back in' again. Tell them to hit reload time and time again, until they get their favourite colour on the banner !

And if the news agenda goes a bit quiet - make stuff up. It seems to work for Mr Fawkes.

Get a guest presenter in - verity would shake up the blog for a day or two. Get some people from 'ConHome' for a bit of 'Birtian blue-sky thinking out of the bollox [box?].

Bel said...

anonymous (11.56) ... what a brilliant idea about verity. That would be wonderful.

I must admit I always refresh on this blog to see the different headers.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the dip in readership numbers, Iain but I suspect it may be a bit seasonal.

Many thanks for the mention in despatches though! I am very grateful and have got some referals from it as well!

Anonymous said...

Maybe if you didn't look quite such a retard in that photo on your banner fewer people would be put off after the first visit.

It is such a totally contrived and weirdly coquettish pose - rather like a japanese tansvestite posing as a geisha - absolutely ghastly.

Anonymous said...

you may find that more and more people are accessing your posts from within other sites, such as Google Reader or NetVibes, where there is no need to visit your site. i certainly do. this would have an impact on page impressions and uniques.

Anonymous said...

Iain, the easiest way to see if it is a seasonal dip is simply to compare traffic figures with the same point last year and note whether the trends look similar. I appreciate that traffic might be higher this year than last year(or vice versa) but you should still see the general pattern.

There's always regression analysis if not...!

Also If you are still using logs to measure your traffic, you could well be getting an incorrect idea of the real number of visitors to your site - there's a new generation of web analytics software out there (much free) that really beats the old log figures hands down. If you're unsure about which meathod is being used, it's probably best to ask your coders.